Posted by FNI on Mar 8th 2019

Pet Care- Bath-Time

How to Make Bathing Time with Pets More Enjoyable?

It is a fact that pets do not like to be bathed. A few pets – such as some types of dogs – might love that, but most of them do not. Thus, few things are worse than trying to bath your pets and clean them up. Most dogs just hate being wet. Here are a few tips that can help you make bathing enjoyable for your pets, as well as for yourself. 

Buy pet-friendly products
Try to use bathing products that your pet would like, and which actually suits them. A few types of products might cause skin irritation in cats or dogs, while a few of them cause skin itchiness. If you wish to have your dog enjoy the best experience while bathing, buy some excellent products that suit the needs of your dog and prevent discomfiture in it.

 Invest in Anti-Slip Mats
Once you start making your pet bath, the floor and its paws will get wet. Your pet can slip by accident and get hurt. Pets, by their behavior, get too excited very easily and start running. When they start running over wet and slippery floors, there is every bit of risk for your pets to get hurt. 

Buy proper bathing accessories
If you wish to make the bathing experience particularly enjoyable for your dog, buy a designer pet bathing accessories. Provide them with the best care while bathing. Try to buy the most comfortable robes and towels to ensure utmost convenience for pets. This will make them feel loved and get relaxed during and even after taking a bath. 

Choose proper clothes
Buy apparel sets based on how much time you would like to bathe your dog. In case you would like to bathe your pet in the evening, invest in cool shirts and pajamas to get them into the mood. But if you would prefer to bathe your pet in the morning or afternoon, choose day clothes that can go with the style that they have.

Purchase grooming products
Your dog will be left unsatisfied by the bathing experience without proper grooming products. Offer the best brushes and hair conditioner to your dog / cat. It is possible to find wonderful products like the flea removal comb that can help you to get rid of fleas from its fur. You may also consider buying some amazing perfumes and powders, so that your pet enjoys the bathing process even more.