Things You Can Do During Quarantine!

Posted by Stephanie on Apr 13th 2020

Things You Can Do During Quarantine!

It’s April! Spring has sprung and so has the coronavirus (COVID-19). The world has taken a economic downturn. So many businesses and jobs have been lost. In times like these, majority of what we can do is try to stay positive. Far North International is still open for business and wants to provide ways to keep you preoccupied, upgrade your home or garden and create some DIY Projects.

Far North International offers TONS of different wire materials, pet products, pet bedding, fencing and more!

Home and Garden: Your garden may need a little protection from rabbits and other animals! We have plenty of materials to fit your upgrade needs from Enamel coats welded wire, hex netting, chicken wire and more!

  • Protect your flowerbeds, gardens, vegetables and more.
  • Patch up any holes at the bottom of your fence or provide a viewing area for your pets!
  • Align hex netting or chicken wire to your steps to limit any slipping when walking up and down the stairs



DIY Crafts: Time to get crafy! Whether you are making some cute décor for inside your home, in your backyard or a gift to mail to a friend, we have tons of ideas (Especially on our instagram)!

  • Use different types of wire to create rustic baskets that can be used inside and outside! Plus they can be useful and not just for decoration!
  • Use chicken wire for TONS of possibilities like for a door wreath (courtesy of MyGirlyGear on instagram)
  • String lights in a ball of chicken wire for some summer night ambiance!


The possibilities are endless and we want to see how creative you can be! We provide photos and blogs for DIY projects: if there's a specific thing you want to learn how to build let us know! We'll see if we can show you the steps!

Far North is on the grid with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Houzz! Be sure to follow us! We want to communicate better with you, to engage with you and to learn how we can offer you the best customer service.

Stay safe and healthy!