What Are YOU Thankful For? We’ve Come Up With A Few!

Posted by Stephanie on Nov 8th 2019

What Are YOU Thankful For? We’ve Come Up With A Few!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Thanksgiving is the time where friends, family and loved ones come together to have a huge warm meal, catch up and share some laughs. We come together to eat and see everyone, but do you ever stop and think about what you are really thankful for? We’ve come up with a few!

Health: You are still living, still breathing and still have a chance to make every moment and memory count! Even if your health isn’t great, it could always be worse.

Home: Whether you live in an apartment, a mansion, or a tent, having a place to call home is something to be thankful for.

Food / Clean Water: You have the means to find or buy food to give yourself energy throughout each and every day. Many people on earth lack access to clean water when some of us can get clean water in the matter of seconds.

Money in the Bank: Having just a few coins makes you richer than most people on Earth. You work hard, be proud of the amount you have in the bank whether big or small.

Family / Friend / Partner: Having loved ones with you whether it is family, friends or a romantic partnership – you should always be grateful for who you have in your life while you still have them. You never know what can change in a day.

Opportunity to get an Education: The opportunity to attend school is something many people don’t have.

Breathing Fresh Air: Being able to step outside to breathe in fresh air is a good reminder of how many little things we should be thankful for.

Freedom of Speech: Being able to express your thoughts and feelings freely should never be taken for granted.

Diversity: The world would be a boring place without diversity. We get to listen, learn and grow with one another through life experiences.

Electricity / Heating / Air Conditioning: You never realize how lucky you are until one of your home utility goes out whereas a lot of people live their every day lives without any electricity or regulated air system.

Armed Force: Our lives would likely be very different if we didn’t have protection from the armed forces risking their lives for us.

Now… what are YOU thankful for?

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