Phoenix Recessed Lighting Kits

$29.95 - $229.95
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This new LED deck lighting kit is designed to provide functional and attractive recessed lighting that is perfect for deck floors, rails, or stairs. By increasing streams of light within the design elements, to bring intriguing seduction to your living environment. These straightforward kits are all you need to establish ambiance indoors and out! 

DLR100TK - Cool White 10 LED Kit w/ wire, dimmer, and transformer
DLR100TKWW - Warm White 10 LED Kit w/ wire, dimmer, and transformer
DLR100TKBL - Cobalt Blue Kit 10 LED w/ wire, dimmer, and transformer

  • DLRT10PK - Cool White 10 pack
  • DLRT10PKWARM - Warm White 10 pack
  • DLRT2PK -Cool White 2 pack
  • DLRT2PKWARM - Warm White 2 pack
  • DLRT2PKBLUE - Cobalt Blue 2 pack

This box contains:

  • 10 Energy Efficient LED Recessed Lights
  • Transformer/Power Source for Standard Outlet
  • 27 Wire Connectors
  • 100 Feet of Wire
  • Remote Driver and Remote Control
  • Installation Instruction Sheet

Required for install:

  • Power Drill
  • Spade Bits
  • Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Tape Measure