Black-Fence-Match Pens

Black-Fence-Match Pens

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Black-Fence-Match Pens Hi-Performance, Gloss, Acrylic Enamel Paint Touch-up Pens

Unique and convenient way to make fast and easy touchups.

Introducing the newest addition Black-Fence-Match Pens with CPT™ (Combination Paint Technology). A unique and convenient way to make fast and easy touchups. With the special spring released applicator tip there will never be a mess.

Paint Pens are unique application tools that are ideal for the touch up of scratches and small nicks that require pinpoint accuracy. They’re easy to use and can be applied as a thick or thin line depending upon the rotation of the applicator tip. Our pens contain the same time proven black paint as material as Black-Fence-Match aerosol. With  high-quality black paint in the dry film these pens will match the appearance of Black-Fence-Match aerosol.

Black-Fence-Match Pen contains .3 fluid ounces, each box contains 10 pens.


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