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How To Spoil Your Pets This Fall Season

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Fall is the perfect season for pets and animals! Not too hot like the summer and not too cold like the winter. I think it’s about time we spoil our loving companions and pets!

FN is more that a wire and lawn care manufacturing company. We offer tons of products for your pets, dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, chickens and even fencing for horses!

You can switch up your chicken coop with this ADORABLE Barnyard style as well as other beds for your cat or dog.

Since your pets may be outside more often during the beautiful crisp fall weather, you might want to consider ordering covers for your furniture. Who knows what your pets might roll around in and bring back into your home!

We also have car seat covers, carriers, kennels, toys and MORE!

Once you spoil them with our products, don’t stop there! Foods and drinks with pumpkin spices is all the rage during the fall season! Why not let your pets join in on the fun?! Consider adding pumpkin to your pet’s diet if you are looking for a healthy nutritious seasonal treat.

Pumpkin, both raw and canned, is safe provided your pet is not suffering from a chronic condition such as kidney disease or diabetes. As far as our healthy pets go, seeds and flesh of fresh, raw or cooked pumpkins are safe. Fresh pumpkin is more nutritious than canned. If you choose to go with canned, make sure it doesn’t have added sugar or sweeteners. An easy way to have some handy dog treats around that will last several weeks is roasting the seeds in the oven. YUM!

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"Once hung on your (Classic) hardware the doors worked perfectly! Our experience with Real Carriage Door was great! Your staff was extremely helpful and the hardware arrived quickly. Everything was well packed, and your instructions made it really easy for us to install the doors. Thanks!"
- Terry, Saskatchewan, CAN


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