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Christmas DIY Chicken Wire Holiday Trees

The holiday season is here, and what better way to celebrate than by creating your very own unique Christmas tree? In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of making a DIY Christmas tree using chicken wire and string lights. This project is great as supplemental decoration for a standard tree, […]

Arched Christmas Garland DIY

So many Christmas inspired DIY’s have been sweeping
social media, especially TikTok, like this arched ornament door frame!Posting on her TikTok account, this crafty
mom Jennie Dambrosio reveal how she makes a stunning Christmas garland using
wire mesh and adhesive hooks!Jennie starts by sticking several adhesive
hooks around the doorframe (this can be done indoors and outdoors). She then
hooked […]

SpoOoOky Ghost Chicken Wire DIY Project! (5 Steps)

Want to freak out your
neighbors? We do! Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a chicken wire
sculpture in your garden just in time for Halloween! An amazing realistic
chicken wire ghost!The original artist who
created this piece is artist Slim Jim from “Whacky Archives”What you
will need:
Hex Netting 20 Gauge – Which
you can buy at Far North […]

Create Your Own DIY Leaf Compost Bin Using Welded Wire 

Composting might not be the prettiest thing in the world, but it sure is beneficial to the environment. Composting is an easy and effective way to help reuse products that can be recycled more organically. Lets skip the mess and keep this composting project outside, with a DIY leaf composting bin. Composting leaves is a […]

A Juicy Guide to Growing Your Own Watermelon

The month of August might seem like the time when summer is winding down. But now might be the perfect time to start growing some watermelon in your own backyard Yes, that’s right—watermelon. It’s not too late to start growing your own watermelon in your backyard. In this blog, we will talk about how to […]

Backyard Inspiration from U.S. Made Products

As the middle of the summer approaches, are you looking to revamp your garden, backyard, or other outdoor areas? If you’re a fan of shopping local, Far North has an assortment of Welded Wire and Chain-Link Fences available in various sizing to upgrade your outdoor space this season, and made right here in the U.S.  […]

DIY Backyard Summer Projects

Nothing says summertime like being outside in your backyard. As the weather warms up your patio and deck will soon become the main attraction, so make sure you’re ready for anything this summer. No matter if you are having a family barbecue, graduation party, or just catching up with friends, here are a few tips […]

Spring Garden Tips

If you have not already started to plan your spring garden, this is your sign to start. May is the perfect time to break ground on what will be your glorious garden come summer. With warmer weather and longer days ahead of us, May is the perfect month to get started on your own garden.   […]

Grow Your Garden

March came and went, and now it’s April already. If April showers bring May flowers—where are you going to grow all your new spring goodies? You might already have an existing garden or flower bed, but here are three ways you can spruce up your outdoor garden this spring.    Set Your Foundation  Every garden […]

DIY Dog Runs

As we spring forward, it’s time to start formulating your DIY projects for spring. What better way to kick off the spring season than with some new fenced enclosures in your backyard? Let’s give fido some freedom this spring with a new dog run or play pen. Just be sure to stay outside and supervise […]

Spring Garden Prep

Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter and he headed back underground to sleep till spring. Which should give you a few good weekends to protect your backyard from unwanted burrowing pests before spring.      Simple barriers on existing fences   When you walk the perimeter of a fence, garden or chicken enclosure look for gaps, […]

Run Chicken Run

With the rising cost of food in the U.S. it is no surprise that more and more Americans are looking to add egg farming to their daily routine. Which leads to two DIY projects that you might be looking to build in 2023: a chicken coop and a chicken run.   We at Far North […]

2023 Upgrades and Improvements

It’s almost 2023! At Far North International, we wanted to take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at this past year and our goals moving forward. NEW Website! Check out our new and improved website layout that is more user-friend and easy to find the exact products you need. NEW Enamel Color […]

What Is a Snow Fence and Why Is It Used?

People often times are unaware of the differences in types of fences available, especially for winter. While most fences serve the same purpose, there are other aspects to a snow fence that can help in colder climates. A snow fence is a type of barrier that forces snow to accumulate wherever you want it to. […]

Are You Ready For Fall Yard Work?

When you notice a slight chill in the air at the end-of-summer barbecue, that’s your sign it’s time to pack away the beach chairs and get serious about work, school—and prepping your yard for the fall and winter. A transitional month when blazing heat turns to autumn cool, September is the perfect window of opportunity […]

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitos range from being a nuisance to carriers of diseases and most homeowners are looking for ways to eliminate these pests every year. Thankfully, there are many ways to get rid of mosquitoes, from insecticides to natural and organic options. The most effective methods to get rid of mosquitoes outdoors include these: Apply Chemical Repellents […]

Tasty Vegetables To Plant In July

Looking for the best vegetables to plant in July? Read our tips on what to sow now for delicious crops. 1. CHARDS: Leafy chard is a delicious, nutrient-dense crop that is super versatile in the kitchen. And, it’s easy to grow. 2. CARROTS: The simple carrot is a staple in kitchens – from crunchy coleslaws to delicious stocks for […]

What Flowers Grow in the Month of May?

There are numerous flowers that bloom throughout the spring and during the month of May. Choosing which ones to buy and plant can be a difficult choice. May is a thriving blooming season for most regions, since it is either the beginning of summer or end of spring. DAFFODIL Also referred to narcissus, daffodils are […]

Great Ways to Celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month

April is National Lawn and Garden month! There are a lot of great ways to celebrate! You can keep it small or you can go big, whatever you would like! 1.New Landscaping Project. If you have been considering beautifying your own lawn and garden space, you may want to consider some new landscaping. Fountains, patios, ponds, […]

Aftercare for Tulips, Daffodils and Other Spring Bulbs

Get ahead of the game with your April showers and May flowers! Spring-blooming flower bulbs get the gardening season off to an early start. Blooming can last from March through May. As spring eventually turns to summer, gardeners often wonder what to do about the spent flowers and fading foliage from these spring-blooming bulbs. To […]

9 Tips To Prepping Your Home For Spring

Part of being a homeowner means staying on top of your home’s maintenance—and all that’s required for each of the changing seasons. Here’s exactly what you need to do in order to get ready for the warmer weather: 1.Start With Just A List Before you do anything, you should first think about how you want […]

Common Pests that Invade the Home During the Winter Season

When winter weather arrives, some pests go into hibernation while others enter homes seeking warmth and food sources. The National Pest Management Association encourages homeowners to take several precautions against common winter pests like mice, rats, raccoons, cockroaches, and spiders. Follow this guide of quick tips to prevent an infestation over the next few months. […]

Can You Install A Fence In The Winter?

The answer is yes! You can have a fence installed during the winter! As long as the ground isn’t frozen, you don’t have to wait until winter is over to start working on your backyard oasis. Winter could just be the best time of year for you to install a fence if it’s the right […]

Is It Too Late To Fertilize Your Lawn In November?

Keep your lawn or garden healthy before it goes into a period of winter dormancy with an application of fertilizer in the late fall. This is the time when cool-season grasses recover from summer stresses, such as drought, heat, and disease and turfgrass can begin to store carbohydrate reserves. These carbohydrate reserves help grass resist […]

Fun Fall Activities To Try This Year

Fall of 2020 did not go as planned.. let’s bring back the fun this year with these fall activities! Take a scenic train ride One of the best ways to peep the changing leaves? From the comfort of a train. The east coast has plenty of active railways that wind through gorgeous fall landscape. Try […]

10 Fall Landscaping Mistakes to Know and Avoid

Whether you have a green thumb when it comes to your home garden, or you can hardly tell the difference between a rose and a weed, you should know that there are certain landscaping tasks that need to be done right to keep your home exterior looking its best. For fall landscaping, timing is everything, […]

Back-to-School Home Improvement Projects

Back to school season is bittersweet as it means summer will soon come to an end, but there are many things to look forward to as well. Now that the kids are back in school you will have more time to think about those home improvement projects that have been put on the back burner. […]

July Lawn and Garden To-Do List

Rainfall is scarce in July, and soaring temperatures can cause your garden and lawn to slow down and conserve energy. Vegetable gardens kick into high gear and will need some extra attention to stay happy. Other plants in your garden can benefit from special treatment as well. Here are some tips for your lawn and garden during the month of […]

Official Flowers of June

June’s birth month flowers are among the most fragrant of all, the rose and the honeysuckle. Learn more about the meaning of these colorful beauties.THE JUNE BIRTH FLOWERSTHE ROSEThere’s a reason that roses have inspired poets and painters for centuries. And if you only know about “grocery store” roses, think again.There are roses for every imaginable taste, from climbing roses […]

What Flowers Grow in the Month of May?

There are numerous flowers that bloom throughout the
spring and during the month of May. Choosing which ones to buy and plant can be
a difficult choice. May is a thriving blooming season for most regions, since
it is either the beginning of summer or end of spring.DaffodilAlso referred to narcissus, daffodils are a
popular May flower. Daffodils “are […]

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Homeowners face the
sometimes daunting but always exciting prospect of readying the lawn for the
warmer months ahead. Remember that cutting corners now could mean that at the
peak of summer, you’ll be spending your weekends making up for spring lawn care
oversights. Stay on top of the game to ensure healthy and beautiful grass that
demands no more of […]

Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Spring is around
the corner and you’ll soon be caught up in a frenzy of seed sowing,
growing, and nurturing your garden as it comes back to life. Time to organize
your thoughts and get a head start on the new gardening year. Read our useful
guide for top tips on how to prepare you garden for spring.1.
Order summer-flowering […]

Fall in LOVE with Far North International

February! The month of LOVE! Whether it’s family, friends, your
pets – there are so many things to LOVE and we want to be one of them!Here
are all of the reasons to LOVE Far North:Far
North truly care about their customers! From materials for your business, to
maintaining farms and gardens, to DIY projects! We care about them […]

Looking Back, Looking Forward

2021! A New Year! Some people use the new year as a chance to reflect on the
past year. Here at Far North International, we wanted to take a stroll down
memory lane and take a look at this past year and our goals moving forward.In
2020, here are the milestones Far North International achieved:
our website salesRemained
a COVID-free […]

Fall Lawn Care Tips Before the Winter

Take note of these helpful tips that your lawn needs
before the onset of winter.The best way to ensure a thick, green,
and healthy lawn in the spring is to give it some well-timed care in the
fall—in other words, right now. Many homeowners make the same basic mistakes
before grass goes dormant, and then wonder why their grass […]

How To Make a Ghost Out of Chicken Wire

This DIY was created by “This Old House”:
for a creative Halloween decoration for your yard? This eerie “ghost”
is poised and ready to startle unsuspecting visitors.Barely-there chicken wire
gives just the right ethereal look to a ghostly apparition. There’s a lot of
trial and error in the process of pinching and cinching the wire hexes to form
a […]

​9 Critical Tips Before Starting a Home Renovation

These home renovation tips will help you avoid
any unnecessary problems, costs, and headaches that can sometimes come along
with a remodel.The thrill of a home renovation can
quickly be diminished by unforeseen circumstances, stretched budgets, and other
unexpected issues. The good news is that most of the time these problems can be
mitigated, if not avoided entirely, by keeping […]

Fall Pest Prevention Tips

is just around the corner! Want to prevent mice, spiders and other pests from
getting into your home? Shore up your lines of defense with these effective
pest-fighting strategies.If unwanted critters are
waging war on your house, it’s time to fight back. Here are some effective pest-fighting
strategies. We’ll give you tips about how to close the entryways that […]

Help Your Garden Survive Summer Heat & Drought

Struggling with a summer drought
is no fun, and keeping your plants quenched and happy can feel like a non-stop
battle. Don’t be a slave to the watering can; here are our tips to help you
deal with drought conditions in your garden, so you can continue to enjoy good
harvests this summer!Prioritize WateringWhen water’s precious it pays to
be […]

Summer Vegetables for your Garden

It’s time to switch things up in the garden and grow new
vegetable crops. Whether you’re a seasoned or beginning gardener, you’ll find a
variety of vegetables to please your palate and fit your summer garden. Summer
garden vegetables are planted throughout the summer months and are ready for
harvest during the fall.BeansBeans make a healthy addition to summer […]

May Gardening Tips

temperatures are causing plants and flowers to bloom late this year. We
estimate that plants are at least three weeks behind in growth, as compared to
a typical season.Far
North International has TONS to offer whether it is wire fencing to protect
your vegetables or garden, tools to help with yard work or décor to spice up
the backyard! Here’s
our […]

Things You Can Do During Quarantine!

It’s April! Spring has sprung and so has
the coronavirus (COVID-19). The world has taken a economic downturn. So many
businesses and jobs have been lost. In times like these, majority of what we
can do is try to stay positive. Far North International is still open for
business and wants to provide ways to keep you preoccupied, upgrade […]

10 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Season

Spring is in the air! The month of March has arrived and the
season of cute bunnies, colorful eggs, and greener gardens is just around the
corner. Even though spring officially starts on March 19th, we
couldn’t wait to reveal these 10 reasons why we love spring so much. Enjoy!1.
Heaps of SunshineAfter the cold and gloomy winter, cozy […]

Reasons To Fall In Love With Far North International

It’s February! The month of LOVE! Whether it’s family, friends, your pets, you job – there are so many things to LOVE and we want to be one of them!Here are all of the reasons to LOVE Far North:Far North truly care about their customers! From materials for your business, to maintaining farms and gardens, […]

A Look Back At How It All Began!

It’s 2020! A New Year! A New Decade! Some people use the new year
as a chance to reflect on the past year or in this case, the last decade! Here
at Far North International, we wanted to take a
stroll down memory lane and take about our back story and how we first started!Far North International started […]

Crafting Christmas Fun!

Deck the halls with DIY’s, Fa La La La La La….This holiday season SPICE UP your home with these
adorable DIY crafts using a variety of different items including – you guessed
it – chicken wire!Here are our Top 5 favorites!#1 – A Simple, Colorful Ornament Door DecorationThis decoration was made using a painted wooden
frame, chicken wire […]

What Are YOU Thankful For? We’ve Come Up With A Few!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Thanksgiving
is the time where friends, family and loved ones come together to have a huge
warm meal, catch up and share some laughs. We come together to eat and see
everyone, but do you ever stop and think about what you are really thankful
for? We’ve come up with a few!Health: You […]

How To Spoil Your Pets This Fall Season

  Fall is the perfect season for pets and animals! Not too hot like
the summer and not too cold like the winter. I think it’s about time we spoil
our loving companions and pets!FN is more that a wire and lawn care manufacturing company. We
offer tons of products for your pets, dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, chickens and
even […]

Independent Home Improvement Show

This week Far North International attended the Independent
Home Improvement Show (IHIS). The show was held at the McCormick Place in
Chicago, Illinois during August 13th – 15th, 2019.This event was all about retail, garden and hardware stores
finding new items and expanding their products. Far North International had a
wonderful time meeting everyone especially all the landscapers and
architectures.IHIS […]

SUMMER FUN – Simple DIY Craft Ideas

It’s finally July! The best month to experience Summer!
When I think of summer I think of relaxing by the pool, working on my tan and
coming up with fun crafty projects with family and friends!The most important rule to follow is: always make time for
the memories! Time passes, things change but you will always have the […]

The Homestead Experience

This month we are posting with our associate Ryan. He has decided to start his own venture of homesteading. Every few months we will post articles of his experiences. This will be a learning experience for many of us. This month we will be starting with food. If anyone has any comments or questions please contact us! Hi! […]

Pet Care- Bath-Time

How to Make Bathing Time with Pets More
Enjoyable?It is a fact that pets do not like to be bathed. A few
pets – such as some types of dogs – might love that, but most of them do not.
Thus, few things are worse than trying to bath your pets and clean them up.
Most dogs just hate […]

Enamel Coated Wire

Far North International has created a new coating for Utility Fence. We call it enamel coated wire. It is a baked on process of car paint that we use for the wire. It can be cheaper than vinyl coated and wont get brittle as fast in the hot sun or frigid temperatures. Currently we are selling a charcoal enamel […]

Cold and Snow in January

New Year, New Weather, Lets talk about this arctic blast blowing through the US. Two-Thirds of our country cover in snow and bitterly cold. This week we could hit record low temps with the high being -12 degrees with out wind chill, in Illinois. We need to keep our animals and yourself safe outside through these […]

Goodbye 2018!

As we prepare to countdown and welcome the New Year , now is a good time to begin to jot down all of our New Year resolutions for 2019. Whether it be to buy your first home or maybe second, get healthy, quit smoking , start saving or maybe even cross of some things on […]

What are you THANKFUL for?

With Halloween behind us now and those spooky ghouls tucked away until next year , the season for giving thanks is finally here! Besides anxiously waiting to  gather around the table to devour grandma’s famous mashed potatoes and turkey gravy , lets remember what we are really THANKFUL for this year ! FAMILY: By far one […]


Now that fall is officially here, it’s a great time to start putting into action those Halloween decoration ideas you had lingering in your mind all summer long! You may be asking yourself how in the world is fence and Halloween related in any way ? Boy oh boy are you in for a scary surprise! […]


One of the main things that home buyers ask their realtor when looking for their new home is “Does it have a FENCE?’’ Believe it or not, this can make or break the deal! Home buyers with children, pets and even for those who are elderly , find this to be a must when making […]

Pigs as Pets

Here we are for part 2 of the pig series. We’ll get into house training and behaviors as well as three different breeds and what to expect.Pigs are very smart animals and that makes them easily trainable. They are also creatures of habit, however, so the key is to train them as early on as […]

Piggy Basics

When people think of “pets” the general creatures that come to mind are dogs, cats, and perhaps birds. The typical first thought is not a pig. Pigs can be affectionate, playful, and add more than its share of quirkiness to your family! We’re going to be doing another mini series, but this time about what […]

Much To Do With Eggs

This week is all about eggs; the collecting, the cleaning, and the storing! I’ll also touch on breeds of hens and what you should look out for.Collecting and storing the eggs is probably the easiest part of taking care of chickens, which is great seeing as that’s the whole point! Check for eggs at least […]

Taking Care of Chickens

This week will start off a short series to give you a glimpse into the world of chicken keeping! Today we’ll talk about the basics and benefits like what you need for a coop and what to do with the poop. Buying chickens can be easy depending on your patience. If you are willing to wait […]

Restless Pets, Sleepless You

Sleep is one of the things humans cannot live without and yet is so rare in our society. In 2018, sleep can be very hard to come by with all these apps, clubs, and, let’s face it, kids keeping us awake that it becomes difficult for us to function. However, electronics and parties aren’t the […]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl coating was invented in 1913 and developed as a synthetic material meant to replace rubber. Since then it has been further cultivated and refined to become the second largest manufactured solid plastic resin around the globe. There’s a reason vinyl fences are so popular. 5 reasons actually:1.) Vinyl fences don’t succumb to severe weather, […]

Ways to Protect Your Garden

Many dangers face your garden that you may not even notice until it’s too late; the most common problems are animals, weather, and disease. Luckily there are solutions to prevent your garden’s demise.AnimalsSometimes in order to properly keep animals out you must first determine the type of critter that is sneaking a meal. Different animals […]

How To Make a Garden Fence

It’s time to make a garden fence! Keep unwanted animals out of your yard with a stylish barrier you make yourself!To get started you’ll need:            Pencil                     Measuring tape                   Hammer        […]

DIY – Chicken Wire

Hex netting or chicken wire is one of the most versatile of wire partially because of its flexibility, but mostly because of its pleasing visuals. Now chicken wire makes excellent fences, but let’s take a look at what else it can be used for.LampshadesNormal fabric lampshades can be pretty, don’t get me wrong, but engineering […]

Bird Feeder Benefits

Do you ever look out your window and wonder what’s missing? A lush garden? A mailbox that looks like a fish? Or is it the flapping of wings as birds eat from your new feeder? Having bird feeders is one way to create a good flowing ecosystem in your backyard. Feeders attract many types of birds […]

How to Build a Crawfish Cage

Welcome to another DIY blog! Today we are going to make a crawfish cage. The size of the mesh that was used is 1/4” so that the small fish can’t get in the cage and eat all the food. Overall, the size will come out to be 24” x 15” x 9” — enough space to […]

Summer Solstice

It’s been summer for a few weeks now, however, the day that is unofficially recognized in the Northern Hemisphere as the beginning of the season is this Thursday on June 21st. The summer solstice is an astronomical event that occurs when the North Pole is leaning towards the sun during Earth’s orbit and is directly […]


It’s June! You survived another semester of school or maybe you graduated! Summer is here! Time to go outside and have some fun! We all spend summer in different ways, but June has some special activity options for you. There are a million and one things you could do this hot season, but, as always, […]

Online Advertising

Picture this: It’s the 21st century. Your world has been expanded by technology. Everywhere you go there are people fixed to their laptops and eyes glued to their smartphones; parents share photos on Facebook and young adults double tap on Instagram. It’s 2018, it’s now. But today is not like i,Robot or The Matrix where […]

Memorial Day

 Memorial Day is seen as the unofficial start of summer: some cities throw parades to celebrate the new season, families come together, neighborhoods have barbeques, and friends pack up and go to the beach; it’s one of the few definite three-day weekends throughout the whole year. Traditionally on the last Monday of May, all flags […]

How to Build a Rabbit Cage

Today we are going to look at how to build a rabbit cage! Sure you could buy one, but building it yourself will feel great! Just follow these steps to do it yourself! However, before you start you will need:
Measuring tapeWire cuttersWire clip pliersWire cage clipsGloves14ga welded wire with 1” x 2” mesh (4 sides and […]

National Hardware Show 2018

Last week was the National Hardware Show so our trade show team left Illinois for Las Vegas, just in time for the first 3 digit heat in the area in 2018. We took the first night in the city to walk the strip; we passed New York New York, we waved to the giant coke […]

May Awareness Days

This month is full of official days and a lot of good reminders. As May flowers into beautiful weather and bright tulips, the following days (as well as several others not listed) were marked on the calendar to celebrate culture, to raise awareness for health, and to congratulate young adults.Cinco de MayoOn May 5, 1862, […]


In a business all sorts of unpredictabilities come up and can throw a wrench in the mechanics. It is the company who must decide whether to waver or to stand firm; one must adapt to any given situation and still come out strong. Today, do to unforeseen events, instead of an informative blog I have […]

Social Media in Businesses

Last week we went back in time 243 years and now (fortunately or unfortunately) we are back in 2018. The times are changing and technology is developing quickly; landline phones are being outmoded, meetings are being updated to video calls, and newspapers are being digitized. In order to keep up with their customers, businesses have […]

The Revolutionary War: Origin

This week holds one of the most important days in US history: the start of the Revolutionary War. Here are brief descriptions of powerful events that led our forefathers to revolution.In the years 1764 – 1767 King George III threw act after act at the colonists such as the Stamp Act and the Sugar Act, […]

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

When I was growing up I lived in an 80+ year-old house that has the road in front and trees everywhere else. It is pretty during the day, but at night the whole area is almost completely black; the front inside lights were always off and our cat would scurry along while he’s eyes would […]

April Gardens

March came and went so fast, yet Spring has only just begun! The air is warmer, the soil is warmer – ‘tis the season to work in the garden! Today I will briefly list a few vegetables and fruits that are great to plant in early April.BeansYou can plant bush beans (snap beans, green shelling […]

Sudan: The Last Male White Rhino

Last Monday night the 45-year-old white rhino, Sudan, passed away at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya; he was the last northern male of that subspecies. It is said that earlier this month he developed an infection in his back right leg which only added to his age-related suffering. Sudan’s death was expected, but still […]

Spring Fever

This week marks the official change from winter into Spring: warmer weather, flowers, sunlight – Spring is in the air! Well, Spring fever is at least. Many places still have wind chills and snow, but the annual laziness is upon us all. Students and teachers waiting for Spring break or being less motivated after getting […]

White Picket Fence

“The ideal American life as fed by the media; 2-3 children, white picket fences surrounding a split-level house with a dog and a cat, and a station wagon or a minivan…” (Urban Dictionary).                                              […]

Creative Uses for Metal Wire

Welded wire and is often used to create pleasant looking fences and gates for parks or private property; likewise hex netting is mostly used for farms and chickens. However, there are some uses that are less common among the wire community, but are inspired by beauty. Here are just a few:Welded Gabion baskets/retaining walls The retention […]

Our Main Products

Summary of Our 3 Main Products We offer many fencing products including horse
fences, welded wire fences, ground stakes, and various posts and much more.
There are three main items, however, that are in the center for our
customers: horse fences, vinyl coated welded wire fences, and Tenax
fence.Horse FenceA horse fence, sometime known as field fence, is constructed […]

FenceTech 2018

 Far North went as attendees from Chicago to the FenceTech 2018 trade show in Phoenix; unfortunately we could only attend one day, but we made it count!On Wednesday, February 7th, the exhibit opened at 2 PM and the team visited over 40 booths! There was a booth with a tiny golf course, one with live welding, and […]

Perks of Having a Worm Factory

Many people think worms are slimy and gross, but did you know they naturally convert food waste into nutrients for plants? Using worms to compost organic waste is not uncommon and very beneficial to plants and to us.The most effective worms for composting are Red Wigglers and Red Earthworms. It is important to maintain a […]

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