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One of the main things that home buyers ask their realtor when looking for their new home is “Does it have a FENCE?’’ Believe it or not, this can make or break the deal! Home buyers with children, pets and even for those who are elderly , find this to be a must when making their decision in purchasing their home. Perhaps there may not be an actual calculated monetary value but there are many ways that having a fence increases the sale-ability of your home as well as all of the other great benefits it brings to a homeowners day to day life!

The most common reason for a fence is dogs. Most buyers either have a dog or may be thinking about getting one in the future. Of course, dog owners can install one at any given time, but typically most pet owners are attracted to homes that have a fence installed and ready to go for their beloved mascots to begin the enjoyment of the home as well! The choice of fence style that the previous owner had is not a big factor as long as the height is appropriate for their pets needs. In addition, the homeowner will enjoy the added benefit of not always having to take their pet for an early morning/late night walk and carry around annoying grocery bags.

Now having a fence isn't strictly for home owners that have animals. Children are right next to that category when home buyers find it ideal if not crucial for their new home to have a fence already installed. Buyers with small children or grandchildren want to make sure that their loved ones are as safe as possible.The minute a child learns to walk he or she is at a higher risk of running off from their parent or guardian and more than likely runs into the street. Having the extra piece of peace of mind can sometimes be more valuable than money. 

Another great benefit of having a fenced in yard is privacy. Whether you are throwing your annual 4th of July barbecue party, want to keep those troublesome critters out of your beloved vegetable garden or simply like to divide your neighbors space from yours, then a fence is definitely an excellent asset to your home. Any reason you personally have, only proves that a fence is an instant man-made form of isolating your home to make it as safe and as enjoyable as possible. 

So, can a fence add value to your home? Absolutely! How much? That’ll be different for every individual and may not be monetarily defined. Of course , if all other things considered were the same, a fence would cause for a higher purchase price but it’ll also allow for a quicker sale that only equals to more money in your pocket at the time of your finalized sale. 

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"Once hung on your (Classic) hardware the doors worked perfectly! Our experience with Real Carriage Door was great! Your staff was extremely helpful and the hardware arrived quickly. Everything was well packed, and your instructions made it really easy for us to install the doors. Thanks!"
- Terry, Saskatchewan, CAN


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