Cold and Snow in January

New Year, New Weather, Lets talk about this arctic blast blowing through the US. Two-Thirds of our country cover in snow and bitterly cold. This week we could hit record low temps with the high being -12 degrees with out wind chill, in Illinois. We need to keep our animals and yourself safe outside through these frigid temperatures. 

We offer snow fence in a variety of colors and styles to keep your property clearly marked and keep the other animals or people out. When looking for the right snow fence you want to take a look at the breaking strength and the mesh size. Color choose is always popular too, weather you want it to blend in or stand out from the snow. 

We also carry a wide variety of animals heating elements. Its is critical to keep your animals warm inside or outside and provide the right equipment for them. Animals can get frost bite just like us. Chickens can get cold and freeze if not properly taking care of. Some little dogs may even need a jacket and boots.

Stay warm and safe out there this winter. Looking for tips, contact us

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