So many Christmas inspired DIY’s have been sweeping
social media, especially TikTok, like this arched ornament door frame!

Posting on her TikTok account, this crafty
mom Jennie Dambrosio reveal how she makes a stunning Christmas garland using
wire mesh and adhesive hooks!

Jennie starts by sticking several adhesive
hooks around the doorframe (this can be done indoors and outdoors). She then
hooked some wire mesh on top of them and started decorating with a variety of

After everything was in place, she
threaded different colored tinsel around the ornaments to complete her festive

Her video currently has been viewed over
4.1 Million times on TikTok. Fans were amazed by how easy it is to do – so you
can make it too!

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Credit: TikTok (Jennie Dambrosio)

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