5 Reasons Why You Need a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl coating was invented in 1913 and developed as a synthetic material meant to replace rubber. Since then it has been further cultivated and refined to become the second largest manufactured solid plastic resin around the globe. There’s a reason vinyl fences are so popular. 5 reasons actually:

1.) Vinyl fences don’t succumb to severe weather, bugs, fungus, or decay like regular wood fences can, and are twice as strong and rust resistant as regular wire fences. They withstand possible water damage and protect against scratches, chipping paint, and stains. Also unlike wood vinyl coated fences do not easily ignite; this is not to say that the fence wouldn’t catch fire, but if the fire is small it will extinguish itself. They can last for decades.


2.) Taking care of a fence can be exhausting and never-ending, however, vinyl fences don’t need to be taken care of aside from the occasional hose-down (which can also be done by the rain if you don’t feel like it).


3.) This product is easy to install in your yard and if you hire someone to install it for you the rates will be low since it’s such an easy job!


4.) Due to its durability, vinyl fence can get pricey, but the investment is more than worth it: vinyl stays strong and beautiful for years with little to no maintenance.


5.) No hazardous chemicals are used to give the vinyl fence its strength; in fact it is an environmentally friendly alternative as is recyclable and is made from natural materials.


Fences are a symbol of security and vinyl coated fences are safer and stronger than regular wood or wire. They are aesthetically pleasing, require low maintanance, are easy to install, cost efficient, and environmentally sound. Don’t wait to get the missing piece to your yard and protect your pets, gardens, and homes with one of the strongest fences in the world!

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