Creative Uses for Metal Wire

Welded wire and is often used to create pleasant looking fences and gates for parks or private property; likewise hex netting is mostly used for farms and chickens. However, there are some uses that are less common among the wire community, but are inspired by beauty. Here are just a few:

Welded Gabion baskets/retaining walls 

The retention of stone walls is actually popular in architectural applications and in structures with low risk of differential settlement. These wire cages have an aesthetic appearance when filled with quality stone. If done correctly, it will allow good drainage behind and below the wall. The lifespan can last 100 + years depending on the area.


Hex netting lampshade

Whether or not you live on a farm or in a rural area, hex netting can be a nice style to have in your home or restaurant. It can be painted easily just be sure to paint on several coats depending on the color (or you can leave the rustic look). You can reuse old or excess wire instead of buying it and can shape the wire around any lamp you already possess. Be careful when you craft a chicken wire lampshade at home as wire can be sharp!



Traditional mediums for sculptors are stone or precious materials, however, beginning in ancient Egypt, wire was being used to create jewelry. Today sculptors and welders are using different types of wire for their art; they can create life-size objects or creatures as well as huge human sculptures. Welded wire art can be beautifully placed in courtyards, parks, or lawns.


It never ceases to amaze me how creative the human mind can be; we take something ordinary such as metal wire and find many uses for it beyond just fences and gates. We meddle, we discover, and we create. We can find beauty in anything. 

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