Our Main Products

Summary of Our 3 Main Products

We offer many fencing products including horse
fences, welded wire fences, ground stakes, and various posts and much more.
There are three main items, however, that are in the center for our
customers: horse fences, vinyl coated welded wire fences, and Tenax

Horse Fence

A horse fence, sometime known as field fence, is constructed by weaving galvanized wire into a
grid which allows for a strong and safe design. The small openings protect
horses from getting caught and the smooth wire keep the animals (and people)
safe from scratches. The appearance is clean with both horizontal and vertical
wires. Horse Fence comes with 3 different kinds of knots, fixed, hinged-joint and square knots. Each has its own feature depending on the livestock you are taking care of. You can check out some here.

Vinyl Coated Welded

Thick vinyl coating is more attractive than galvanized wire and protects the
wire from rusting, as well, as from harsh weather, from high and low
temperatures, and from chemicals. This all-purpose welded wire can be used, for
example, for crab/ lobster traps, pet kennels, and garden protection. More recently, customers are using this to help keep there pups in the yard. A lot of home owner associations have a wrought iron fences. They will then use this fence simply by zip tieing to the existing fence. It blends in well and doesn’t block your view. We are calling it, Puppy Mesh. Let us give you a recommendation.

Tenax Fence

Tenax specializes in high quality plastic fences for
construction, garden, wildlife and snow. They manufacture many styles, shapes, sizes and colors of fence. They are leading in plastic fence market and can suit whatever your need is. You need to keep deer out? We got it. You need to block off a construction area? We got it. Need to keep the snow from blowing towards your house. We got that too! Contact us today to answer any questions! 

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