Bird Feeder Benefits

Do you ever look out your window and wonder what’s missing? A lush garden? A mailbox that looks like a fish? Or is it the flapping of wings as birds eat from your new feeder? Having bird feeders is one way to create a good flowing ecosystem in your backyard. Feeders attract many types of birds who bring with them many benefits.

Bees aren’t the only creatures that carry pollen from plant to plant; birds play a role in pollination as well. They can help fertilize fruit, vegetable seeds, and, of course, flowers. Birds such as the hummingbird (Americas), honeyeaters (Australia), and sunbirds (Old World tropics) are important pollinators of wildflowers. These flyers have unique qualities that make them able to visit certain types of flowers that other birds may not.

  • Hummingbirds have long curved beaks which makes it easy for them to get into and pollinate flowers that other birds can’t such as honeysuckles, fuchsias, and shrimp plants.
  • Honeyeaters can hang upside down to reach the nectar with their brush-tipped tongue.
  • Sunbirds have both long curved beaks and brush-tipped tubular tongues for tubular flowers that are hard for other birds to get to.

So if you grow these flowers, plants, or any similar types having a feeder around will attract these birds and incline them to pollinate while they’re around.


Despite having a feeder around, birds may also decide to feast on the insects. This can be an ideal situation for you as they provide free organic pest control which keeps you from having to use chemicals or insecticides. Bird’s also may eat weed seeds before they root, leaving your yard nice and healthy. Keep the bird population up while keeping the insect population down.

Providing feeders and houses for the birds helps more than just the environment, it can also help your child’s curiosity and even your health.

Children have curious minds that are easily excited by fast moving, and colorful things, but birds are hard to watch unless they sit still at a feeder. Take your kids or grandkids outside to educate them on the wild birds: observe their feeding habits, their behaviors, and their calls. You can change the food and see how if affects them, take note of how they behave and see what other species come to visit during different seasons.

Witnessing nature and beautiful birds flying by is a great way to decrease blood pressure and to relieve stress. Forget about bills, school, and work and just breathe in and let your mind flutter with the birds. My dad has a few bird feeders and tells me how much getting to know the different birds relaxes him. He likes to setup houses and watch them build nests and watch the eggs hatch; he also likes to take pictures of his new friends. If you’re into photography wild birds make for good and challenging subjects and having a place for them to perch will end up being convenient for you.


With the stress of today, it’s easy to brush off the benefits of getting a bird feeder or to tell yourself that you can’t spend money on one. But the fact is it will help you. Whether you have a big gated yard in front of your house or a small balcony attached to your apartment, birds will add something to your life: color, excitement, and relaxation are just a few. It will connect you with nature and will be worth it.

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