How to Build a Crawfish Cage

Welcome to another DIY blog! Today we are going to make a crawfish cage. The size of the mesh that was used is 1/4” so that the small fish can’t get in the cage and eat all the food. Overall, the size will come out to be 24” x 15” x 9” — enough space to add food and to catch a lot of crawfish!

Materials to be used:


Step 1: Cut a piece of wire 24” x 36”.

Note: make sure to trim the pointy edges of all four sides.


Step 2: Connect the two sides that measure 24” with the hog ring pliers.

Note: connect the two corners first then put a hog ring every two inches.


Step 3: Bend the cage in half. Make sure the hog rings are in the middle facing up!

Step 4: Put a hog ring in the middle of the end of the cage on both sides.

Note: at this point, you should have the cage looking like a pillow with 4 entrance.


Step 5: Cut 4 pieces of wire sizes 10” x 10”


Step 6: Bend and connect the two ends forming a shape of a cone.

Note: use the hog ring pliers and connect the two corners first.


Step 7: Cut 1” off of the tip of the cone. This will help to insert the wire cutters so you can follow step 8.


Step 8: Cut 5 pieces of 1” from up to down from the end of the cone.

Note: make sure to bend the 5 pieces from inside-out. That will help to prevent the crawfish from getting out.


Step 9: Insert the cone tip first in one of the corners of the cage. This will be the crawfish entrance.

Note: make sure the hog rings are facing the middle!


Step 10: Connect the entrance with the cage.


Step 11: Follow step 6,7,8, and 9 to finish the rest of the entrance.


Step 12: Cut a door size 6 1/2” x 4” for easy access to add food and to take out the crawfish.


Step 13: Cut a piece of wire to cover the door. Size 7 1/2”x5”


Step 14: Install the cover only from the top of the door.

Note: connect a hog ring first on each corner then every 2”


Step 15: Cut a 6” bungee wire and connect it on the button of the door.

Note: connect one end and stretch the bungee so it is tight then connect it to the other end. This will be the door lock.


Horray! You’ve done it! Go out there, enjoy the summer and catch some crawfish! 

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