DIY – Chicken Wire

Hex netting or chicken wire is one of the most versatile of wire partially because of its flexibility, but mostly because of its pleasing visuals. Now chicken wire makes excellent fences, but let’s take a look at what else it can be used for.


Normal fabric lampshades can be pretty, don’t get me wrong, but engineering your own unique ones with wire can show your personality as well as your creativity.


Candle lanterns

Cute for rustic homes or weddings. You can either cover a mason jar and put a small candle in it or make the shape yourself with just the wire. Just a little twist for your common candles.


Fill in picture frames

You know those old frames you have that are either too big for any photos or irrelevant because of the digital world? Don’t throw them out! Use chicken wire to reinvent the frame and hang all sorts of things from it.



How fun would it be to keep chicken eggs in a basket made from chicken wire? You could either reinforce a basket that’s falling apart or make one from scratch into any shape you want!


Decorative pieces

For artists you could create something for your yard, garden, or countertop. Attract the eye with fun scuptures that make your house stand out!


Like I said, there are several uses and DIYs for chicken wire; there are things you could do that you might not have ever thought of! It’s easy, affordable, and pleasing!

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