SUMMER FUN – Simple DIY Craft Ideas

It’s finally July! The best month to experience Summer!
When I think of summer I think of relaxing by the pool, working on my tan and
coming up with fun crafty projects with family and friends!

The most important rule to follow is: always make time for
the memories! Time passes, things change but you will always have the memories!
There is nothing more relaxing and therapeutic than coming up with unique
projects, making it hands-on and watching it come to life!

“Where did you get that?! It’s beautiful!”

“Thanks – I made it!”

There are plenty of projects to have fun with in the summer!
Here are a few ideas:

  • Paint a flower pot to add some extra flare to
    your garden.
  • Paint some rocks, whether big or small, to add
    some décor to your yard.
  • Buy some mason jars and decorate them with
    paint, ribbons, colored sand, glitter, flowers and more to make beautiful
    summertime center pieces.
  • Use our chicken wire with a colorful wooden
    frame to hook photographs on display and more!
  • Use our chicken wire as a backing to a custom
    wreath with a theme of your choice!
  • Find funky shapes and unique flat objects to
    paint over to create interesting patterns and shapes into your artwork!
  • Purchase large pretzel sticks, chocolate candy
    melts and decorate to your liking for some yummy treats!
  • Take an old pair of sunglasses and spice them up
    by painting a cute and colorful design. 


Check out some more DIY inspirations using some of our wire
products on our Pinterest.

Tell us about your summer fun DIY crafts and projects! Tag
us @FarNorthInternational and use the Hashtag #FarNorthInternational and you
could get featured on all of our socials!

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