The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

When I was growing up I lived in an 80+ year-old house that has the road in front and trees everywhere else. It is pretty during the day, but at night the whole area is almost completely black; the front inside lights were always off and our cat would scurry along while he’s eyes would glow from passing headlights. I would be driving home from work and some nights I almost passed my own home because it is so invisible and creepy. My mother never considered getting any type of lighting, but I think it would have helped our house look less haunted. Here are 5 benefits to illuminating your home:


  1. Deck lighting can literally brighten up your home and make everyone feel welcome and warm. Family and friends can enjoy the outdoors longer and that barbeque party doesn’t have to be taken inside when it gets dark. If you have a pool then the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down! Kids and adults alike can splash away until well after midnight (or until someone’s bedtime).
  2. There are so many varieties of post lighting, rail lighting that the type you choose could show your neighborhood your artistic side as well as your individuality. With each type comes different shapes, with each shape comes different colors, and with some colors comes different shades, the possible combinations are next to endless! Get colors to match or contrast your deck and get post caps to balance out your railing where there are no lights. Make your home really stand out!
  3. What if you have to walk up stairs to get inside? At night he possibilities of a misstep and injury increase especially if you have your hands full. What if someone is visiting for dinner for the first time who doesn’t know you have stairs at all? An ankle disaster waiting to happen. Having lights along pathways or on steps can not only be aesthetically pleasing, but can also increase safety.
  4. Now, I know, who wants to spend all that electricity for deck lights? Well, the fact is that most if not all LED deck lights are low voltage and don’t need that much energy to shine. There are timers or sunlight sensors you can use to limit the amount the lights are on. The low wattage saves you electricity and saves you money as opposed to leaving your house lights on all night.
  5. Adding deck lighting also adds value to your home. My mother has my childhood home on the resell market, but has not had very much luck (probably because after sunset it’s the stuff of nightmares). However, having some lights align the walkway and curve around the bushes would make it more appealing and also make it go for a higher price. Use exterior lighting to highlight any structural features your house may have such as fire pits, fencing, gardens, etc. that make your home the ideal home for someone to buy. It’s like trying to sell an older car: you give it a paint job and maybe some new tires and suddenly it’s a new vehicle ready to be sold.


One Halloween many years ago, my mother had a bowl of candy near the front door and eagerly awaited the trick-or-treaters. I remember looking out the window and seeing three kids walking down our street; they hesitated in our driveway and then quickly walked across the street to a more inviting and brightly lit house. The rest of the night no one came to our door and that was our first and last time trying to give out candy. All this to say that leaving your house in the dark makes it seem more like a haunted mansion and less like a home. Even if you don’t throw parties or have never thought about selling the house, outdoor lighting is nothing but beneficial and can really bring comfort to your home. 

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