April Gardens

March came and went so fast, yet Spring has only just begun! The air is warmer, the soil is warmer – ‘tis the season to work in the garden! Today I will briefly list a few vegetables and fruits that are great to plant in early April.


You can plant bush beans (snap beans, green shelling beans, and dry beans) and pole beans. Bush beans take up less space in a garden and take less time to yield beans, while pole beans can endure a longer crop season and produce up to three times more beans than bush beans.



Corn is very rewarding to grow as is grows fast and can be completely cooked shortly after being picked off the stock. It is important to plant corn in soil with the temperature above 60 degrees F (for cooler regions use a black plastic cover to warm the soil).


Who doesn’t love melons? Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc. are some of the most gratifying crops to grow, however, they cannot thrive in any amount of frost as they are tropical fruits. Great for long summers and family picnics!


You should select a type of onion depending on your garden zone. For example: people in southern areas should plant short day onions (daylight hours 10-12 hours) while northerners should plant long day onions (day light 14-16 hours). Just b careful with those Spring rains as too much rain can cause bacterial and fungal spores to appear.


These small vegetables can produce a high volume when planted closely together. If you just can’t wait to get started with peppers then keep them indoors at night and then a warm, sunny spot during the day. Choose a variety of colors and temperatures to spice up your garden!

Of course there are a lot more foods and plants you could grow during the spring in anticipation for a bountiful summer harvest. Gardening can release stress, can spread happiness, and can be very very rewarding; it reminds us that hard work does pay off. So smile when you see a flower bed outside someone’s house or compliment a home-grown vegetable because they are products of dedication and should inspire us to keep pushing forward. 

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