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Picture this: It’s the 21st century. Your world has been expanded by technology. Everywhere you go there are people fixed to their laptops and eyes glued to their smartphones; parents share photos on Facebook and young adults double tap on Instagram. It’s 2018, it’s now. But today is not like i,Robot or The Matrix where our technological advances try to kill us, they help us and they can help our businesses.

Growing up we used to see commercials on the TV for all kinds of products, but now everything is online. People are far more likely to see an ad on their timeline than on a commercial interrupting their stories. There are several ways to achieve a good digital marketing strategy: 2 of which are pay-per-click and paid social.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is where you basically bid on keywords that will lead to your page and, as the name suggests, pay a fee each time your ad is clicked; you know like how the first choice in your search results is almost always an ad.


Paid social is all those ads you see on Facebook and on other social media. Having your products or services spring up on people’s’ timeline is a great way to expand your customer pool. Facebook ads are very easy to customize and manage for a specific target audience (region, age, etc.). You can also promote tweets or Instagram photos as well as other posts on other social platforms.

Knowing your audience and marketing to their tastes is important for keeping customers interested. Businesses must keep evolving and re-marketing to stay up-to-date with the changing times. Feel free to look up the other ways to advertise and get your business out there! Don’t just rely on billboards, telemarketing, or television: go online and don’t be afraid. It is 2018 after all.

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