It’s June! You survived another semester of school or maybe you graduated! Summer is here! Time to go outside and have some fun! We all spend summer in different ways, but June has some special activity options for you. There are a million and one things you could do this hot season, but, as always, I’ll just go through a few.

Go camping:

June weather is so beautiful and perfect for camping. It’s warm enough at night to keep you from freezing, yet cool enough in the morning so you can hike without burning. Take your family to start a tradition, a few friends to make memories, or just go by yourself to clear your head. You can find the nearest campground, use your backyard, or even find some random woods to sleep in (just watch out for hungry animals). The best way to celebrate National Camp Month is by – you guessed it- going camping!


Adopt a cat:

As we all learned from Bambi,Spring is the time animals get “twitterpated” which means summer is when all the babies are born. Every year in June the feline population shoots up and humane societies overflow with kittens; that’s why it is annually Adopt-A-Cat Month! Now, unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all cats are on sale, but if you’ve been thinking about adopting a fuzzy child the time is now!


Get married:

The Romans named this month after Juno who was the goddess of childbirth and marriage. June has always been one of the most popular times to get married: the nice weather, the flowers in the trees, no school schedules to dodge, and smaller chances of rain. For destination weddings or honeymoons, summer is the off-season in many mountainous and tropical locations which means venues and hotels are at a lower rates than usual. Who wouldn’t take advantage of that?



Roadtrips to the closest beach! Flights down to Florida or over to Las Vegas! Walks to the river and boats out in the ocean! However, if you’re anything like me you may not be a huge fan of summer. If that’s the case take a trip to the Southern Hemisphere during the summer where New Zealand in June feels like a typical December. Now most of us can’t afford a spontaneous international trip, so you can travel northeast in the US for higher winds and cooler climates. You don’t have to be hot all summer if you don’t want to.


Whether you have your kids back from school, you’re starting a summer job, your friends are getting together, or you’re suffering from the heat, do get out there and get some sun. We won’t have this time forever so let’s bask in the warm weather and smiles while we can! Break out the tents and bug spray and have a great summer!

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