Grow Your Garden

March came and went, and now it’s April already. If April showers bring May flowers—where are you going to grow all your new spring goodies? You might already have an existing garden or flower bed, but here are three ways you can spruce up your outdoor garden this spring. 


Set Your Foundation 

Every garden requires a good foundation, and the best place to start is with Hardware Cloth as a base. Using hardware cloth before laying your mulch and soil will help prevent unwanted growth, such as weeds, popping up in your garden. Remember this the next time you’re outside weeding your current flowerbed.  


Covering Your Garden 

If you’d like to enclose your new garden, Poly Sheeting is a great way to go for that greenhouse look. Keep your garden thriving with all the sunlight and moisture it needs, with a poly sheet enclosure this spring. 

We offer poly sheeting in rolls of black or clear. With thicknesses of 4-millimeters, and 6-millimeters. Most gardeners prefer a thicker poly sheet for their gardens, but the 4-mil will work in a pinch.  


Keep Critters Out 

The best way to keep unwanted critters out of your garden is with Chain Link Fencing. If you’re wanting to make your very own garden enclosure, please check out the January Blog. Where we show you how to make your own chicken coop enclosure.

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