What are you THANKFUL for?

With Halloween behind us now and those spooky ghouls tucked away until next year , the season for giving thanks is finally here! Besides anxiously waiting to  gather around the table to devour grandma’s famous mashed potatoes and turkey gravy , lets remember what we are really THANKFUL for this year ! 

FAMILY: By far one of the most important ones on the list is family. I have learned, that no matter the obstacle or problem you face, your family will always be by your side. Even if you go through many rough patches in your life, they will always stick together, because after all, that’s what makes it a family.They were there when you were born, they have changed your diaper, and they have watched you grow into whom you are today. What defines family is not always blood relation . Family consists of the people who support and love you, and the people you can confide in and trust.Family is a gift that lasts forever.

EMPLOYMENT: Be grateful for your job.Even if you love your job and love what you do, there are days that are bad and days that are stressful…it’s inevitable. On those days , it’s important to remember how fortunate you are that you have that job. There are many people out there, all over the world, who live in poverty, are homeless because they lost their employment or families who only make a few dollars a week and have to choose to between putting  food on the table or having basic day to day necessities such as water, electric or heat on. Yes, money isn’t everything, but unfortunately it’s the biggest means of survival in today’s world. Being on someone’s payroll is something that you should be grateful for. Today and always! 

PETS: Your cat or dog is a member of your family and deserves to be appreciated for all the love and companionship he offers you.It doesn’t matter if you’ve been gone for five minutes or five hours, cats and (especially) dogs, greet you like you’re an A-list celebrity on the red carpet when you come home. Maybe you had a stressful day at work or something is upsetting you, somehow cats and dogs just know when you’re feeling blue. You can cry your eyes out and your pet won’t mind. He’ll be there for you, no matter what. Pets don’t care what you look like, what you do for a living, that you bite your nails or clean only when company’s coming over. They don’t judge your fashion choices or hairstyle. It makes no difference to them that you have no idea how to cook a turkey or make grandma’s homemade mashed potatoes. Pets just love you. 

MODERN TECHNOLOGY: One of the only materialistic things on this list that I found ,  which millions of people are grateful for nowadays is technology. Forensic science as well as modern medicine, would not be what they are today if it weren’t for modern day technology. Crimes have been solved and cures have been found thanks to technology.  For millions of people, working on a tech gadget is critical in order to perform successfully at work. On the other hand for other people, who I believe may feel greater gratefulness for tech gadgets are people whose lives have been saved thanks to them such as pacemakers. I personally have been given the blessing to have my grandmother for many more years to come due to this tech device which in my family we are so very grateful for.

This month, Far North International is extremely grateful to YOU!

We could have not have celebrated our one year anniversary without you…our amazing customers! Our goal has been to not only bring you great and affordable products but also to help guide you in bringing to life that special project you have had in mind. We hope that you allow us to exceed your expectations and at the same time continue to support us on our journey ahead. 

On behalf of the entire Far North International family…THANK YOU!!

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