Perks of Having a Worm Factory

Many people think worms are slimy and gross, but did you know they naturally convert food waste into nutrients for plants? Using worms to compost organic waste is not uncommon and very beneficial to plants and to us.

The most effective worms for composting are Red Wigglers and Red Earthworms. It is important to maintain a proper living environment for them to produce rich fertilizer and concentrated soil conditioner. For example: there must be decent air flow, enough moisture in the soil, and a large variety of food. Managing sufficient ventilation and checking the food waste regularly will also help keep the compost odorless.


Traditional composting is limited to the seasons while worm composting can be done both outside and inside, making it able to produce year-round. Being inside also makes composting an option for apartment residents who have house plants or who are just environmentally conscious. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is in fact self-contained and compact; you could even fill a bin with soil and keep it in the corner!

By using worm composting we are reducing the loads of organic waste that go into landfills and thus reducing the methane output to our planet. Our carbon footprint shrinks while Nature’s Footprint grows! When fertilized naturally vegetable gardens produce fuller crops in deeper colors, flower gardens bloom stronger, and lawns stay greener for longer. Plants are like natural air filters that provide clean oxygen when healthy which makes us and our planet healthier too.

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