Backyard Inspiration from U.S. Made Products

As the middle of the summer approaches, are you looking to revamp your garden, backyard, or other outdoor areas? If you’re a fan of shopping local, Far North has an assortment of Welded Wire and Chain-Link Fences available in various sizing to upgrade your outdoor space this season, and made right here in the U.S. 

Check out the video of how we make some of our welded wire right here in our warehouse at the end of this post.

These locally made Welded Wire and Chain-Link Fences are versatile for multiple applications and uses: from industrial or residential projects to parks or playgrounds. Read below for some outdoor projects you can try this summer while utilizing Far North’s U.S. made products. 

Defend your garden 

Whether you’re a proud plant parent or grow your own herbs and crops, it’s important to defend your garden from potential animals tampering with your prized possessions. Consider building your garden a perimeter of protection from curious animals by utilizing Welded Wire or Chain-Link Fencing, available in multiple different options and sizes to best fit your garden. This fencing could also be used for specific plants, giving support, a structure to grow around or an added layer of protection. 

Protect your pets 

Just as most of us love the outdoors in the summer, your pets likely do too. Allow your pets to safely adventure by building a designated outdoor area utilizing our Galvanized 11.5 ga Chain-link Fencing, available in 50 different lengths. Having thearea be fenced in would provide your pets with a protected and safe play area, not allowing them to adventure off without you. This additionally would provide you with peace of mind knowing that the fencing allows your pets to be safe, protecting them from running away. 


Outdoor storage 

If you’re hosting or taking part in a lot of outdoor activities or events this summer, an outdoor storage area may be a fit for you. By using our Welded Wire 14 Gauge, you could create a storage area for firewood or other materials. Additionally, you’d likely want to consider a cover for this storage to protect your wood or other assets from rain. 

Get inspired and support products made in the U.S. through a new home project. Don’t be afraid to DIY since the wire is easy to manipulate, providing you a simple instillation process. Don’t worry about your project tarnishing from summer or year-round weather either because it is made from durable, rust-resistant material and features a zinc coating, providing a smooth finish. Defend your garden, protect your pets, and store your belongings with our Welded Wire and Chain-Link Fences this summer. 


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