DIY Backyard Summer Projects

Nothing says summertime like being outside in your backyard. As the weather warms up your patio and deck will soon become the main attraction, so make sure you’re ready for anything this summer. No matter if you are having a family barbecue, graduation party, or just catching up with friends, here are a few tips to help get your outdoor spaces summer ready. 


Add some privacy 

A private deck is the best kind of deck. No one wants to try and relax outside with nosey neighbors. Our bamboo reed fencing is an easy and lightweight way to add some shade and privacy to any deck or patio. Simply attach the reed fencing to your existing fencing to add shade and privacy in an instant. For additional privacy, consider stacking two sets of fencing for a height of up to eight feet tall. 

Transport to a tropical oasis, right in your own backyard. Add some tiki torches around your reed fencing to create the perfect summer night.  

Add some edging  

Steel Landscape Edging

Give your backyard some flair with landscape edging. Building a garden path or adding some landscaping around your patio is a breeze when you use Landscape Edging. Our landscape edging can be installed in just minutes and comes in a variety of finishes to match any project you have. Applications include, but are not limited to, planting beds, tree rings, paver walkways and paths.  

Build a green wall 

Climbing plants like english ivy, climbing hydrangeas, and honeysuckle thrive when they are planted against wooden fences, trellises, brick, or even siding. Using Enamel Coated Welded Wire will allow you to build your own green wall on top of your existing fence posts. 

Building a green wall can not only boost the look of your backyard, but it also gives the ability to provide shade and privacy depending on how you build your wall. Just be sure to make sure you are choosing the right plants based on available sunlight.  



Birdwatch with friends 

Inviting birds into your yard is not only entertaining, but beneficial. Birds can help keep unwanted insects out of your yard, and even pollinate flowers. Add one of our Bird Feeders to your yard and watch how quickly your backyard livens up.  

Don’t forget the Hummingbird Nectar when you order a Bloomin’ Susan feeder. Hummingbird Nectar is premixed so you can quickly refill your feeders with no mess and no diluting. 


Looking for something bigger 

It’s not too late to start a larger project and still have it finished in time to enjoy the prime summer weather. If you’re thinking about tackling a big project like refinishing your deck, adding a backyard fence, building raised flower beds, or building your own greenhouse, please feel free to check out our exclusive Contractor Pricing. Save extra when you buy in bulk, or pick up from our Illinois Warehouse. Sign up today to start saving. 


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