In a business all sorts of unpredictabilities come up and can throw a wrench in the mechanics. It is the company who must decide whether to waver or to stand firm; one must adapt to any given situation and still come out strong. Today, do to unforeseen events, instead of an informative blog I have written poems about Mondays.


Typical Monday at Far North

The sweet scent of 6 in the morning on any given Monday.

The sluggish trip to the Metra, sluggish commute to work.

The renewal of energy when I see my team.

The conciseness of our weekly meeting.

The buzz in the air as we get to work.

The staggered lunches, small talk around desks.

The ticking time, a wishful “have a good evening.”

The clocking out, bundling up.

The long trip home.



In General

That thing that gets worse with snow and rain,

One of the longest days for us all;

Just the sound of its name brings ache and pain,

It can make even the biggest feel small;

Schools dread, workers groan and sigh

Gotta stay for the grade, gotta stay for the pay;

Everyone swears they’re insides die,

Every week on a gloomy Monday.


Mondays are hard for the majority of us, but once they get going I have found they are not all bad. The hardest part of any day is waking up and starting your gears and coming from a weekend is always the hardest of any day. But just think: once you’re at school or at work the day flies by, then the suddenly it’s Wednesday, and then suddenly it’s Friday. The week must start with the dreaded Day or the Moon, but do you know what? It will end. And when it’s Tuesday and you can’t blame Monday for your problems, you’ll realize that gloom isn’t only attached to Monday, but to everyday and the gloom is with you. How I cope is I try to have positive outlook everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I still blame Monday every time it snows on my way to work, but I don’t let that blame last. Why dwell on negativity when the days flash before our eyes fast enough as it is? Appreciate the time you have to complain and appreciate the days you have getting an education because you just might miss those rainy Mondays in the end.

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