Social Media in Businesses

Last week we went back in time 243 years and now (fortunately or unfortunately) we are back in 2018. The times are changing and technology is developing quickly; landline phones are being outmoded, meetings are being updated to video calls, and newspapers are being digitized. In order to keep up with their customers, businesses have almost no choice but to engage in social media. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing as there are huge benefits.

Communicating with your customers is faster and easier when you have every social media platform on your mobile phone. Emails can be answered even when you are out of the office and special coupons or discounts can be promoted to a bigger audience. If a client complains about a product online it can give you the opportunity to either swoop in an snag the customer (if the complaint is about a competitor) or to tighten your store and staff so that the mistake doesn’t continue. Staying connected with your customers can let them know that they are valid and that you are not too big or too busy to listen.

Giving your business a face makes it feel more trustworthy and personal. Behind-the-scenes photos can be shared to include your followers in the day-to-day and to make them feel like the family member they are. Keeping your page balanced between casual and business will make it seem less like a continued sales ad and more like a real person who gets bummed about Mondays and who loves talking about some dog they saw. It is important to stay active and to respond to any comments positively.

Having your brand floating around the internet is free publicity for your company and will definitely help more than it could hurt. Whether or not people follow you, your content gets around and in potential customers’ feed and your photos and links are out there waiting to be clicked. It is far more convenient for online customers to save photos so that your page can be viewed later than it is for them to call a number on a screen when commercials come on.

Showing that your company can keep up and can evolve with the times is very beneficial and important. You want to make sure your business remains relevant to customers in 2018 by updating often; if you created a Facebook in 2011 but have only checked on it once or twice a year, that will make it seem like your company is falling behind and is stuck in time. As your company gets older your client base gets younger and in order to appeal to them you must get on their main level of recreation and communication.

Our company is doing its best on the social media front with Instagram (@farnorth_) , Facebook (Far North Corp), Pinterest (Far North), and even with this company blog. Although some of these platforms are being tried by us for the first time we are eager to learn them and to better communicate with and to make shopping easier for our customers. This blog was not only for businesses and customers, but also for us so we may encourage ourselves to stay up-to-date and to be as kind and as alert as possible. So if you want to keep in touch or to see some cool photos please feel free to follow us and to share your comments with us. We would love to hear from you.


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