Tasty Vegetables To Plant In July

Looking for the best vegetables to plant in July? Read our tips on what to sow now for delicious crops.

1. CHARDS: Leafy chard is a delicious, nutrient-dense crop that is super versatile in the kitchen. And, it’s easy to grow.

2. CARROTS: The simple carrot is a staple in kitchens – from crunchy coleslaws to delicious stocks for hearty stews. And, ones grown at home are far superior than the kinds you find on the supermarket shelf. They simply had to make our list of the top vegetables to plant in July, especially if you pick robust varieties which will tolerate winter soils.

3. PEAS: You may have sown peas way back in spring, in which case you’ll already be plucking their sweet pods for use in summer salads. If you’re quick, there’s still time to plant a final lot of seeds to enjoy before the frosts.

4. DWARF FRENCH BEANS: If you planted some earlier in the year, you may have noticed that dwarf French beans, whilst quick to grow, will only crop for a few weeks. This is different to climbing French beans, which can keep cropping happily until September.

5. RADISHES: If you’ve already checked out our ultimate guide on growing radishes, you’ll know that these veggies are a breeze. They’ve even made the list of our best plants for beginners. And July is a great time to sow them from seed. Make sure you thin them out early for the best results, and keep watering them frequently, especially if it’s hot outside. Expect to harvest the crunchy red (or white or purple) globes in as little as a month. How’s that for a quick turnaround?

6. LETTUCE: Lettuce is a stalwart of the vegetable plot and is simple to grow. You can plant the seeds from March all the way up until September for a steady supply that’s perfect for fresh salads and sandwiches. Sow straight into sunny, moisture-retentive soil and thin out the seedlings as they emerge. If you fancy growing vegetables in pots, lettuces make a good choice – just remember to keep on top of watering.

As well as getting all your new veggies off to a good start, there’s plenty of maintenance to do for those that have already reached their prime. Don’t forget to water your fruit and vegetable crops daily if the weather is warm. It’s good to keep them continuously moist. If you’ve got a summer holiday coming up, our guide on watering plants while away will come in useful.

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