May Gardening Tips

temperatures are causing plants and flowers to bloom late this year. We
estimate that plants are at least three weeks behind in growth, as compared to
a typical season.

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our list of things to do this month to keep the garden looking great.


  • Make sure garden beds are clean
    and free of weeds and debris.
  • Prep planting beds
    by adding organic material and soil amendments.
  • Dig and divide early-blooming
    perennials once they’ve finished flowering.
  • Set supports for floppy plants,
    like welded wire.
  • Set up sprinklers and start a
    regular watering program. Be sure your lawn and plants get about an inch
    of water a week.
  • Mulch landscape beds, adding a
    two to three-inch layer of pine bark mulch or hardwood mulch to help
    reduce weeds and conserve moisture.
  • Deadhead bulb plants as the
    flowers fade, but allow foliage to remain until yellow to nourish bulbs
    for next year’s display.
  • Look for pests. Early detection
    is the key to plant health.
  • Wait to prune evergreens,
    hedges, and other shrubs until the end of this month.
  • Fertilize your plants
  • Prune plants, removing winter
    dieback and visible signs of winter damage. Also remove diseased, dead,
    weak or crossing branches.


  • Plant summer annuals after the
    last frost date. Keep an eye on the weather and protect plants from frost
    or freezing temperatures.
  • Plant summer-flowering bulbs
    such as gladiolas and dahlias. Plant a few every week to ensure continuous
  • Plant deciduous and evergreen
    trees and shrubs.


  • Repair any bare patches in your
    lawn. Fill in bare spots by loosening the soil surface and sowing a good
    quality grass seed over the area evenly. Tamp the seed in gently and
    water. Keep the area moist by using a paper mulch or straw.
  • Fertilize your lawn around
    Memorial Day with Step 2 of a season-long lawn fertilizer program.
  • Re-cut bed edges to keep things
    looking neat and tidy.

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