Galv-Match-Plus™- 1 gal/case

Galv-Match-Plus™- 1 gal/case

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  • 1 gallon/ case

Galv-Match-Plus™ is our one-step process that protects welds and damaged galvanizing while providing a coating that match’s the look of new galvanizing. With the Galv-Match-Plus™ process we’ve combined the latest technology’s utilizing highly milled and filtered zinc dust, the latest one part epoxy resins, and high-grade aluminum flake that matches the look of new galvanizing. Galv-Match-Plus™ has been designed to assist Galvanizers and fabricators with the protection of weld joints or damaged galvanizing from welding, cutting, or drilling. Easy to apply with a fast-drying time to handle or reapply of only 15 minutes, you’ll be assured fabrication wouldn’t be slowed down.

Our final result is a one-step process that Lasts longer, looks great and dries fast for less down time.

Balanced One-Step formula

GMP-200 combines the proper corrosion-inhibitive properties of metallic zinc (65%-69%) in the dry film and a corresponding high percentage of epoxy esters to assure that zinc protection stays in place. As a result, Galv-Match-Plus™ is used as a one-step process for the repair of damaged hot-dip galvanized steel or cold galvanizing without the need for a primer or topcoat.

Galv-Match-Plus™ provides a non-toxic metallic finish matching the look of hot-dip galvanizing and possesses outstanding salt spray resistance conforming to the performance requirements for all specifications. 

Performance Specs:

  • ASTM A780-01 Standard practice for the repair of damaged ot-dip galvanizing.
  • ASTM B117 Salt spray and acceleration weathering
  • ASTM D3359-A coating adhesion strength
  • DOD Specs for Zinc Rich Primers
  • MIL Specs for Zinc Rich Primers
  • SSPC Paint system specs



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