Spring Garden Prep

Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter and he headed back underground to sleep till spring. Which should give you a few good weekends to protect your backyard from unwanted burrowing pests before spring.      Simple barriers on existing fences   When you walk the perimeter of a fence, garden or chicken enclosure look for gaps, …

Spring Garden Prep

Ways to Protect Your Garden

Many dangers face your garden that you may not even notice until it’s too late; the most common problems are animals, weather, and disease. Luckily there are solutions to prevent your garden’s demise.AnimalsSometimes in order to properly keep animals out you must first determine the type of critter that is sneaking a meal. Different animals […]

How To Make a Garden Fence

It’s time to make a garden fence! Keep unwanted animals out of your yard with a stylish barrier you make yourself!To get started you’ll need:            Pencil                     Measuring tape                   Hammer        […]

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