Run Chicken Run

With the rising cost of food in the U.S. it is no surprise that more and more Americans are looking to add egg farming to their daily routine. Which leads to two DIY projects that you might be looking to build in 2023: a chicken coop and a chicken run.   We at Far North …

Run Chicken Run

10 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Season

Spring is in the air! The month of March has arrived and the
season of cute bunnies, colorful eggs, and greener gardens is just around the
corner. Even though spring officially starts on March 19th, we
couldn’t wait to reveal these 10 reasons why we love spring so much. Enjoy!1.
Heaps of SunshineAfter the cold and gloomy winter, cozy […]

Much To Do With Eggs

This week is all about eggs; the collecting, the cleaning, and the storing! I’ll also touch on breeds of hens and what you should look out for.Collecting and storing the eggs is probably the easiest part of taking care of chickens, which is great seeing as that’s the whole point! Check for eggs at least […]

Taking Care of Chickens

This week will start off a short series to give you a glimpse into the world of chicken keeping! Today we’ll talk about the basics and benefits like what you need for a coop and what to do with the poop. Buying chickens can be easy depending on your patience. If you are willing to wait […]

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