Fall in LOVE with Far North International

Posted by Far North International on Feb 8th 2021

Fall in LOVE with Far North International

It’s February! The month of LOVE! Whether it’s family, friends, your pets – there are so many things to LOVE and we want to be one of them!

Here are all of the reasons to LOVE Far North:

Far North truly care about their customers! From materials for your business, to maintaining farms and gardens, to DIY projects! We care about them all – so much that we LOVE to showcase it! Every Friday, we pick someone from our social media using welded wire materials as a “Featured Friday” post.

Others can get a chance to be featured by tagging our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram in a post using welded wire. Featured posts range from DIY projects, gardens, farms, unique photographs from photographers and more!

However, just like any relationship, you need to get to know someone before you fall in LOVE.

Who Is Far North?

Far North International started as a wire and plastic factory in Tianjin, China and has since then gained over 20 years of manufacturing experience as well as several warehouses and factories in both China and Taiwan. In recent years we have decided to expand to the U.S. and already have a warehouse in Illinois (we hope to have a bigger factory in the near future). We strive to provide quick wholesale order processing and a short lead time of 7 days. Our company also offers affordable products and sufficient inventory to help meet our customers' needs. Our main store centers around horse fences and vinyl coated wire, however, we also carry several other products for your pets, farms, landscapes, gardens, and more!

As a small company, Far North International runs like a family-owned business: we respect each team members’ ideas and are flexible for their needs. Every employee has a unique voice and is valued for their creativity and individuality.

Our mission is to see gardens around the world protected, to keep animals safe, and to care for the environment. We hope to give back to the community that allowed us to grow by taking up charity work such as walking 5Ks, volunteering at shelters, and cleaning up local parks.

We provide a wide range of products at low competitive prices and offer solutions to your outdoor problems. Apart from gardening, we also supply items for your pets, decks, and homes in hopes of becoming a one-stop shop for your needs. Whether you require a heating pad for your cat or a vinyl coated fence, we’ll make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for on our website. We stay up to date with our knowledge of fencing, gardening, and new items out on the market, and we want to share that knowledge with you.

We pride ourselves on being part of the American Fence Association. We also attend trade shows such as the National Hardware Show, the Peoria Farm Show, and more. Stay connected to see upcoming events.

More to come from Far North International

  • We are closing our Joliet location and will be looking to expand to another bigger building later in the year
  • Expand into more physical hardware stores
  • Continue increased sales
  • Continue our excellent customer service
  • And MORE! 2021 is our oyster!

Get Started! Check out all of Far North International’s Wire Materials, Garden Products, Tools and more! Visit our website: