DIY Dog Runs

As we spring forward, it’s time to start formulating your DIY projects for spring. What better way to kick off the spring season than with some new fenced enclosures in your backyard? Let’s give fido some freedom this spring with a new dog run or play pen. Just be sure to stay outside and supervise …

DIY Dog Runs

Run Chicken Run

With the rising cost of food in the U.S. it is no surprise that more and more Americans are looking to add egg farming to their daily routine. Which leads to two DIY projects that you might be looking to build in 2023: a chicken coop and a chicken run.   We at Far North …

Run Chicken Run

May Gardening Tips

temperatures are causing plants and flowers to bloom late this year. We
estimate that plants are at least three weeks behind in growth, as compared to
a typical season.Far
North International has TONS to offer whether it is wire fencing to protect
your vegetables or garden, tools to help with yard work or décor to spice up
the backyard! Here’s
our […]

Things You Can Do During Quarantine!

It’s April! Spring has sprung and so has
the coronavirus (COVID-19). The world has taken a economic downturn. So many
businesses and jobs have been lost. In times like these, majority of what we
can do is try to stay positive. Far North International is still open for
business and wants to provide ways to keep you preoccupied, upgrade […]

The Homestead Experience

This month we are posting with our associate Ryan. He has decided to start his own venture of homesteading. Every few months we will post articles of his experiences. This will be a learning experience for many of us. This month we will be starting with food. If anyone has any comments or questions please contact us! Hi! […]

Piggy Basics

When people think of “pets” the general creatures that come to mind are dogs, cats, and perhaps birds. The typical first thought is not a pig. Pigs can be affectionate, playful, and add more than its share of quirkiness to your family! We’re going to be doing another mini series, but this time about what […]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl coating was invented in 1913 and developed as a synthetic material meant to replace rubber. Since then it has been further cultivated and refined to become the second largest manufactured solid plastic resin around the globe. There’s a reason vinyl fences are so popular. 5 reasons actually:1.) Vinyl fences don’t succumb to severe weather, […]

How To Make a Garden Fence

It’s time to make a garden fence! Keep unwanted animals out of your yard with a stylish barrier you make yourself!To get started you’ll need:            Pencil                     Measuring tape                   Hammer        […]

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